LoopiStyle is on the move…

October 7, 2009

It has been a long time coming and with the help of the genius that is Bjorn from http://www.bloggedbybjorn.com/  the new and improved LoopiStyle blog is finally finish and ready for YOU to visit!

For the latest LoopiStyle adventures please visit me at http://www.loopistyle.com/

Hope to hear your comments on the new look soon!


Silky Wave

September 19, 2009

Few months ago…I was lucky to attend the opening of the Silky Oak exhibition and the beautiful Museum of Brisbane and my friend Surya Graf from http://www.suryagraf.com was invited to create a peace based on the majestic silky oak. I think you will agree with me in saying the result of months of work payed off… this is a little about the peace I thought I would share with you;

The Weave design was an exhibition piece developed for a commission at the Museum of Brisbane. The theme of the exhibition was based around the locally iconic Silky Oak timber which has been used extensively in the area from the early 1900’s

Weave took inspiration from this original ‘Queenslander’ architecture, which is synonymous with the breezes of outdoor veranda lifestyle and slatted deck furniture. The design takes these cues and applies them to the small spaces of modern day inner-city apartment living. These spaces need to be easily adapted for changing uses. Through a simple rotation the Weave can become either a comfortable seating or table arrangement.

Due to the multi-directional nature of the grain, using Silky Oak allowed for the development of an overall form that would not necessarily have been achievable in other types of timber. Each component was individually CNC machined, and by cutting both along and across the timber it made it possible to feature the unique qualities of the grain.




September 15, 2009

As you know…It was my 30 something birthday last week and as previously mentioned, September is my lucky month. This year I was particularly lucky as my birthday was on the 09/09/2009 and turned a number that when summed equals 9- Chantal tells me that in some Chinese cultures this is super significant…But I knew that from the moment I woke up.  The God of fashion looked after me all day;


First it was a glorious sunny day… I was lucky enough to see my mum arrive from Cairns right on my birthday and lucky enough to find the best bargain in the word. Yes a 100% silk tangerine dress by Sass and Bide in my size at V.I.P vintage store in Paddington.


I got given the best present by my Sisi and her family – the now famous “Lomography” camera from Violent Green http://violentgreen.blogspot.com/ that with a little more practice I believe I can post some pretty awesome street fashion shoots but here is a taste…the first  shoot of many to come.



Last but not the least, the book   Shoes a love Story…I have never seen so many pictures of beautiful shoes accompanied by the best quotes of all times that relate to shoes.  My favourite quote is by Carrie of course…

“The fact is, sometimes it’s really hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes.  That’s why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun”



This book is dear to me specially now as I am about to embark on the next chapter of my work life. As I write this tonight I am not entirely sure what this will look like, all I know is that it’s going to take a few car trips to transport home all the shoes that have reside under my desk at Suncorp over the last decade!


Spring is finally here…

September 7, 2009

Spring Tan…

My favourite time to visit the West End Markets is during spring. I am not sure what its is about it but I do tent to notice things a bit more…all the happy people & their cute dogs walking around with the most beautiful local produces and flowers – Feels like I have been walking around with blind folds in winter and it finally comes out on the first day of spring.

I also have reasons to believe that I am the luckiest person in the world during the month of September (Not just because its my birthday in a couple of days…) Kyah and I were about to leave the markets when I spotted the most amazing Italian made leather tan bag… last week-I was actually super disappointed when I was looking for a similar bag on line at Mother Maria website http://www.mothermaria.com.au/ and it had a big fat sold sign all over it. I was trilled to see a similar number at the markets and for next to nothing off course!

I wish my shoe repair man shared my enthusiasm…as I delivered to him this morning to do some minor repairs he was less than excited about fixing it…his only motivation was my big fat smile as I handed it over with a …but you don’t understand this is vintage you should be proud to be part of this extended history!

Anyway…this is the picture of the bag that was sold out at Mother Maria…not as fabulous as mine but awesome in its own right.

MM Bag








I am going to pair it with the next big hit for summer- the fantastic tan platforms. Check them out…(image from the http://www.shoeblog.com/)

 MM Shoes


Thank Shoe it’s Friday…

August 28, 2009

I have to say I am very pleased with my efforts and happy that this year I was able to share some of my favourite bits out of each show. As promised here are some of the highlights from the last show for fashion week n Brisbane.  

The Tribune Brisbane

As you probably know my 2 all time favourite accessories for summer are a parasol and a hand held fan so when I saw the two items been part of the Tribune’s show  I was in heaven…check it out!












I love Bags and I love Shoes and that’s why I think KIRIN is worth checking out this summer…big -bold hot accessories in a variety of bright colours. I LOVE!












A vision in white and understated simplicity… all things that make the perfect muse were on show. A highlight of the night…












Because spring carnival is upon us and if you are planning on looking hot then you need to check out his full collection…just fabulous!











Tia Carrigan

For s 20s something year old Tia is certainly showing style and design innovation beyond her years…some of her peaces remind me of the “Stefford” wife look. Very appropriate for the corporate chick!











Upstairs at Wickham

Rock Chick- French Maid Chick-Frock Chick…something for EVERYONE & HOT!

Upstaris m2-600x400










So that it’s the end of my fashion week report- I hope you enjoyed a whole week of loopi’s worl updates and if you did don’t forget to say it with a comment… I am going to get some well earned sleep in between assignments writing, concert going and running the Bridge to Brisbane Run on Sunday!

All images from http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/photogallery/lifestyle/mbff-day-four/20090827-ezzj.html


BeforeThe Big Bang…

August 27, 2009

Ok- So by now I am feeling the last few nights of fashion week  activities so the only thing that was keeping me awake a 5pm was the knowledge that I will be finishing my fashion week activities with a BANG – The Qld Government Design Innovation Group Show. Before I made my way to the show I stoped by to see how the lovely Lucia was travelling and she was kind enough to let me take some pictures so I could share them with you. She is currently styling the Broadway on the Mall “It” girl and “It” boy. As you can see she is doing a fantastic job…




I have also included some pictures from the official site…as you can see my little snappy camera doesn’t do much justice to Lucia fantastic job…






Stay tunned for some of the highlights of the Qld Government Design Innovation Group Show coming soon…


Mercedes Benz –Group 6

August 26, 2009

I was lucky enough to have a few friends at last night’s show…form Kelly the hair whisperer doing the Dogstar hair styling to Lucia the style queen of Brisbane who is a judge at this year’s Broadway on the mall “it” Girl and “It” Boy so you can imagine my excitement when I ran into them in between shows.

Brisbane Loves Dogstar!

As soon as the first model steeped into the runway the crowd burst into a clap and it’s so good to see that the label still has such strong following but its doesn’t surprise me at all. After all Dogstar is an Art-Form. From the hair – by the fantastic hair whisperer Kelly to the shoes absolutely everything was created with at most details (I can’t really say the same about many of today’s’ Brisbane designers).  Dogstar 2010 range promisees a variety of their signature layers of intricate materials in shades of black purple and earthy colours. Looking at this yea’s range made me want to pull out my vintage Dogstar out of the cupboard for the next event.




Daniel Alexander

Before the show -I wasn’t quite familiar with his work but I was so impressed with Daniel’s Greek God like beauties. From baby dolls dresses to full length Baba- Boom numbers that included all the things that glitter at night details together with their ruby red lips.  Love-Love-LOVE!


 DA 18522308-600x400


Mother Maria

I saw Mother Maria at last year’s show and can’t remember much. I am so happy to be able to post some pictures and talk about this little gem of a designer.  The collection translated in peaces reflecting her love for vintage fabrics and bold colours and they were a highlight for me in this year’s show. (I also think they have a brand new follower in Chantal as her eye’s lid up with excitement during her show)





It’s so good to see that other “Project Runway” contestants are doing so well. With a super cool urban folk feel to his collection Bret’s did us proud.






Showing like this make me think how lucky we are to have something for absolutely everyone here in Brisbane. Her love for Japanese fabrics and quirky touch is still very much part of each item created for this season’s collection.




Pistols at Dawn

I was lucky enough to see their work at last year’s Branch Out Exhibition http://www.streetandgarden.com/articles/branch-out  so I knew I would be impressed with their latest collection. From the men vest to men summer scarfs together with what I believe the most innovative thing yet, wrap up sandals for the weekend folk.  A true stand out!



So, Alex from Derlot  www.derlot.com was sporting the bright yellow scarf that Kyah gave him and it was very similar to the ones displayed at the show and I now wonder if he will also be waring the men sandals…I will keep you posted on this…


La La Luxe

This was the WOW factor for me- put a pastel romantic frock together with leather whip and I am there.  The collection was made out of outfits one would wear to your first perfect date. Lots of pink and pastels colours paired with bold accessories and lady danger red lips. It was love at first sight!



Vanja from http://www.vanjacanzek.com and I later attended the Fashion after hour talks are featuring some pretty interesting characters talking about eccentricity and creative thinking. The panellist included:  Thea  Basilou, owner of Blonde Venus, Alison Kubler, freelance curator & writer, Meghan Carlsen, filmmaker, Clare Press, writer and designer: Mrs Press who told me I didn’t look like I have a 12 yrl old son- I guess she is right because Jorge is actually 16!